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Had the privilege to play this awesome game a while back!
Reminds me a lot of Wolfenstein and DOOM, which is always a great formula for FPS games.
BUT this game kicks it up a notch with it's 80's style design, enemies, and great variety of weapons!
Really enjoyed playing this game, PLEASE keep on creating!

THANK YOU! I am not finished with this project, so stay tuned for the full game available on Steam soon!

Can't wait to see it! We will keep an eye out for it.

is it still getting updates?

It is not a dead project, this demo is finalized but the full game will be released on Steam sometime this year (hopefully).

Looking forward to playing it :)



Thanks for playing and the Video Review!


good game

Thanks for Playing and the gameplay video!


omg this game is amazing idk why people say its so hard i made it to the second level aka the lava level and yes then it got hard but all in all you just need to find a good strategy  and you can survive super long and yes i know this game has been out for a while but i hope you continue on it because i feel this game is just so much fun its got that nostalgic feeling when i play it and i love it so much so like i said i hope you keep up with this game cuz im gonna be playing it for a long time to see if i can beat the game fully!!! 

oh I'm still working on it ;)

Check My Twitter for more updates as my project develops. I plan to release this on Steam hopefully before the winter of this year. I've added so many new things; Weapons, Enemies, Levels, Music, Player Statuses, Items, ect. plus it's been completely reprogrammed to be way more efficient than before.


Awesome, although really hard. Voted on greenlight, good luck!

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Thanks for playing and uploading a clip! I plan on adding more features to make jumping and dodging enemy attacks easier, currently it only works properly for the enemy projectiles. Stay tuned for the next update ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )